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Learn more about your insurance benefits during training

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Details

• Excellent coverage (United Health Care’s Choice Plus Plan), paid for USF COM
• Tier 1 – any Dr. that files through USF Physicians Group –often $0 out-of-pocket
• Tier 2 – any Dr. in United Health Care Network – low co-pays, low out-of-pocket
• Tier 3 – out of UHC network – most out-of-pocket
• List of USF Physicians: 
• More details on your coverage:
• Adding a spouse costs $50/month, with children $75/month (done through payroll deduction)

Life Insurance 

Life Insurance

• Designed to cover basic death expenses without causing a tax issue
• $50,000 of Life Insurance, paid for by USF COM
• $50,000 additional payout, in case of an accidental death
• Make sure we have your correct beneficiaries/addresses on file
• Additional coverage available pending health qualifications

Disability Insurance

• Pays a monthly income should you be disabled by illness or injury
• $2,500 month of coverage, paid for by USF COM 
• 90 day waiting period, payable to age 67 
• Option to purchase additional coverage at USF discounted rates 
• Can add coverage without any medical underwriting 
• Optional policies are own-occupation and fully portable 
• Guaranteed conversion option to take coverage with you when you graduate For any questions regarding your current benefits or ways to supplement your coverage, please contact us at 813-258-0033.